Advice and Guidance for Providers of Adventure Activities on how to get Adventuremark

How does Adventuremark work?

Adventure Activity Associates Ltd has been appointed by AAIAC to implement Adventuremark.

There are two ways to achieve the Adventuremark Badge in Adventurous Activities:

1    Providers can apply directly for accreditation to Adventure Activity Associates;
2    Providers can be accredited by an approved scheme (a list of approved schemes can be found here)

Both paths will require providers to complete an application form and to undergo a process of inspection.

What is the application process?

If you provide adventure activities you can apply on line or complete and return an application form to Adventure Activity Associates.  An on site assessment will be arranged in order for the provider to demonstrate how they meet the Adventuremark criteria.

AAIAC will award Adventuremark to providers who meet all of the safety criteria.

What criteria do I have to meet to get Adventuremark?

Providers must demonstrate that they meet the AAIAC Provider Accreditation Criteria.

How much does Adventuremark cost?

Providers applying directly to Adventure Activity Associates Ltd pay £1005 + VAT.  Adventuremark lasts for two years.  An annual fee of £273 + VAT will be paid on the alternate years when no inspection takes place.

Providers applying for accreditation via an approved scheme pay £273 + VAT annually.